Monday, February 9, 2015

One more picture

Just couldn't resist one more picture of our new boy. Oddie is such a good boy! And keeping Jim very busy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet Oddie

As many of you may know, we lost both our dogs and our last cat last year. Since we lost Gwen, our life has felt empty, the house way too quiet. Both of us keep looking around the dogs and cats. So for my birthday, I asked Jim for a pupper dog – one that could go camping and travel with us as we see the country.

So meet our newest addition. Oddie came from the local animal shelter and is a an almost 4 year old lab/beagle mix (now that brings quite a picture to mind!). He is about 45 pounds and is a golden color with white markings – and freckles on his snot. He’s also one of the sweetest dogs I've met. We hope that he is as happy with us as we are with him.

These aren’t the best pics but for now, you can meet Oddie. Better pics coming soon!