Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why we like Idaho

Here is one of the reasons we like idaho. I love watching the crops grow.

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Frost on the pumpkin

Just looked out the back windows and I see frost on the neighbors roof. Then I checked out the font lawn. Sure enough, the grass has white on the tips. That would explain why the house felt so cold last night and this morning. Temp reads 35 at 8:00 am this morning. Wooph....a wee bit chilly out there.

Dang .... We are SOOO not ready for autumn, much less winter. (Sigh)

Told a long drive yesterday to see the autumn colors. May be our last for awhile. Went up into the Oregon Blue Mountains to one of our favorite camping spots. About 5200 feet. Here in Nampa we're about 2100 feet.

Nice day, nice weather. The colors at the lower elevation were beautiful, but we missed in the higher elevation where most of the deciduous trees had lost their leaves. Except for some what we thought we evergreen trees which were a brilliant yellow green.

At first we thought they might have the tree blythe, but there were too many of them as you looked over the rolling hills from a viewpoint. The contrast between the green and the yellow was beautiful. Both of us want to find out more about these yellow evergreens, though.

The campgrounds we like were almost empty. Only two spots occupied. It would have been a good weekend for camping with no one around. Will put it on the TO DO list for next year this time.

There's a little restaurant about 10 miles from the campground which appears to be in the middle of nowhere. It sits at the junction of Oregon State Highway 26 and Route 7. Not sure how they survive as they are about 16 miles from Prairie City Oregon (population 935) and 50 miles from Baker Oregon (population 9703) which sits next to I-84. The restaurant is called Austin Junction and is about 120 miles from Boise (we're about 30 miles west of Boise).

It's a pretty good little restaurant, as out of the way places go. It's actually a restaurant and country store. A nice young couple run it. It's a good place to have breakfast on your way home from camping and a nice place to stop for lunch/dinner if you are out for a long drive. :-)

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