Friday, December 30, 2011

Is it spring yet?

The "bug" has already hit me. It's only the 30th of December, and already I'm thinking ahead to camping weekends and a 10+ day trip this summer. I'm just not good with winter, that's for sure.
And we've come up with a game plan. We're retiring and leaving for full-time RVing by July 1st, 2014. Jim will be 66 in March of that year and can collect full time social security benefits ... unless of course he decides to quit sooner. We also figure it will take us (me) that long to get rid of all our STUFF around here and put just what we want to keep away in storage. We'll get the house ready to rent and then off we go. At least that's the plan for now.
We still haven't decided what kind of RV we want to use, so we'll continue looking. The plan will be to take our current Class C Tioga along with Jim's truck and travel around for a year or so, looking for the perfect RV -- maybe a Travel Trailer. We hope to mooch off our family and friends during that time, camping out in the National Parks and National Forests as much as we can. Once we find that "perfect" RV, we'll start staying in one place for several months. We're both looking at the site, to find part time work wherever we go. We're spending lots of time planning this out.
At least that's the plan for the moment. Who knows what the new year will bring?
So how many days till we leave town? You'll find the counter over in the right column. Launch date! Hey, it's a plan!!